Why CyberJournalism?

Why do we prefer “cyberjournalism” instead of “online journalism” or even “webjournalism”? Let me please give you an answer.

The research group I am in has discussed a lot on this. How to appropriately name this. “Online journalism” is a very widespread term, of course, but not very worthy to be translated into Spanish. It underlines, on the other hand, just one characteristic of this new journalistic form.

“Webjournalism”, as proposed by our Brazilian colleagues, is a good alternative, we guess. Journalism made for the Web is, in fact, the thing we try to analyze. Better, in fact, than “Internet journalism”; it is more concrete.

Nevertheless, we do not know what the Internet will be in the future, even if it will receive the same name. So we prefer to take about journalism made for cyberspace -in present days the Internet, some time ahead probably somo other thing. So, that’s Cyberjournalism.

We do follow the Spanish Language Academy, which recommends the use of “cyber-” prefix (in the Spanish form it is “ciber-“; thanks Ramón ;-).

(If you want to know a little bit more on my scholarly production, please try this; if you want to know something about my main research subjet, this is just an introduction).


2 Responses to Why CyberJournalism?

  1. dan3 says:

    great idea! I’m ever wondering…

  2. Luis Rull says:

    I have been following your work for a long time now and I am very happy you opened a blog. Welcome to the blogosphere. If you want to come to Evento Blog España, please contact me.

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