Nearby Cyberjournalism, a new book

Professor Xosé López García, leader of Novos Medios [New Media] Group, University University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain) has recently published a new book: Ciberperiodismo en la proximidad [Nearby Cyberjournalism]. It deals on local online journalism, and offers some result of two research, centered in the local cyberpress aspects: the first one, The impact of the Internet in the mass-media in Spain (2005), funded by the Spanish Science and Technology Ministery and coordinated by me; and a new research, completed in 2007, by Novos Medios Group about the local items of three months published in five of the main Spanish online newspapers:,,, and

The book includes a brief analysis of ten cases of local cybermedia in Spain, and of some visions on local journalism around the world, based in some articles by Jock Lauterer, Sara Platon and Mark Deuze, Bob Franklin and David Murphy, Erik Neveu, Bill Rolston and Greg McLaughlin, L. Larsson, Patricia Moy, Timothy A. Gibson and Oei Appiah.

Complete book reference:

López García, Xosé. Ciberperiodismo en la proximidad. Sevilla: Comunicación Social Ediciones y Publicaciones, 2008.


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