New book: The Penetration of Online News, by An Nguyen

An Nguyen, lecturer in Journalism Studies, University of Stirling (Scotland), has just published a new book on cyberjournalism: The Penetration of Online News. Past, Present and Future.

Dr. Nguyen comes from the University of Queensland, Australia, where he completed his PhD in Media and Communication Studies. He was also a journalism practitioner in Vietnam. Currently he is teaching at Stirling. Interested in online journalism and its audience, he has published articles on online journalism from 2003 onwards. Some of them can be accessed from his own website.

An Nguyen wonders in his book whether “online news gradually displace and then replace older news forms”, as well as whether “the rise of blogs, forums and other ‘Web 2.0’ platforms spell a slow death of journalism”. From an interdisciplinary and international perspective, he explains the the socio-technical dynamics of the diffusion of this new form of making news and deals on the take up of news technologies in the newsrooms.

Another book on cyberjournalism has been published in Germany this year, about Austrian online media: Österreichische Online-Medien, by Dieter Marek and Moritz Omasits (Facultas Universitätsverlag, 2008).

Complete book reference: Nguyen, An. The Penetration of Online News: Past, Present and Future. Saarbrücken: VDM Publishing, 2008.


One Response to New book: The Penetration of Online News, by An Nguyen

  1. An Nguyen says:

    Dear Javier,

    Many thanks for kindly posting the information about my recent book, The Penetration of Online News, on your interesting weblog. Very much appeciated.

    Coincidentally, I’m off to Barcelona tomorrow to attend the ECREA conference. Do you happen to be at the conference? If not, could we have a catch up some time during my stay? Just to say hello and make acquaintance — but also to talk to you about some possible research collaboration in the future.

    I will arrive Tuesday night and will stay until noon time, Saturday Nov 29 at RESIDENCIA DE INVESTIGADORES – CSIC, phone: +34 93 443 86 10. Please give me a ring or email me if we can meet up.

    Very much looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

    An Nguyen

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