Lev Manovich’s new book

softbook-covera-icon1Software takes command. This is the title of Lev Manovich’s new book, published both in pdf and .doc format and for free downloading from the researcher’s own website. The first version has been released on November, 20, 2008. The .doc document includes footnotes not available in pdf format. No one of them include illustrations, nor a definitive cover. People is asked to submit their proposals. The publication has been done unde Creative Commons non commercial-no derivative works 3.0 license”,

“One of the advantages of online distribution which I can control is that I don’t have to permanently fix the book’s contents. Like contemporary software and web services, the book can change as often as I like, with new “features” and “big fixes” added periodically. I plan to take advantage of these possibilities. From time to time, I will be adding new material and making changes and corrections to the text”, explains the author.


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