Research on Cyberjournalism in Peru

October 16, 2008

Research on cyberjournalism is growing up in Latin America. Not only in countries like Mexico, Venezuela or Argentina -and, of course, Brazil, where the research tradition in journalism is experienced and strong-, also in Peru. A recent book has been published in this country, the first one released on this subject: Ciberperiodismo en Perú. Análisis de los diarios digitales, [Cyberjournalsim in Peru. Analysis of digital newspapers] by Lyudmyla Yezers’ka.

The book explains the history of cyberjournalism in Peru from its origins, in 1995, since 2005. The author analyses the influence that the birth of cyberjournalism has caused in Peruvian entreprises and professionals, using both a quantitative and a qualitative approach.

The work is bases on the doctoral thesis of Lyudmyla Yezers’ka, supervised by Dr. Ramón Salaverría, who has written the prologue of the book

Complete book reference:

Yezers’ka, Lyudmyla. Ciberperiodismo en Perú. Análisis de los diarios digitales. Lima: Editorial San Marcos, 2008.