Methodology for the study of cybermedia

February 27, 2009

metodologiaAs a fruit of an international cooperation amongst two research networks from Brazil and Spain, a new book has been launched at the end of 2008: Metodologia para o estudo dos cibermeios. Estado da arte & perspectivas [Methodology for the study of online media. State of the art and perspective], coordinated by Javier Díaz Noci and Marcos Palacios.

The book gathers the contribution of more than 40 researchers of both countries, papers that were presented at an encounter held in the Faculty of Communication of the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) in December, 2007. The book was presented at the second meeting held in Sao Paulo in November, 2008.

The volume has been published by EDUFBA, the publishing house of the University Federal of Bahia. The text are in Portuguese or in Spanish. A more destilled version of the book will be published in 2009, in English, to offer the international community the points of views, trends and perspective of the methodological work done by this internationl network.


Díaz Noci, Javier; Palacios, marcos (orgs.). Metodologia para o estudo dos cibermeios. Estado da arte & perspectivas [Methodology for the study of online media. State of the art and perspective]. Salvador de Bahia: EDUFBA, 2008. 358 p. ISBN: 978-85-232-0541-6

Research on Cyberjournalism: Awards in Brazil

October 24, 2008

Professor Marcos Palacios (University of Bahia) and Suzana Barbosa (Fluminense University of Rio de Janeiro – Universidade Federal Fluminense) have obtained the awards to best senior researcher and best doctoral thesis, given by the Brazilian Society of Research on Journalism (SBPJor). Awards will be given  during the 6th Congress of the SBPJor, to be held in November.

Professor Marcos Palacios is one of the best researchers on journalism in Brazil. Journalist and Sociologist, he studied in the University of Liverpool, where he completed his doctoral studies in 1979. He taught at the University College of Swansea (1980-1982) and then he moved to Brazil. He taught at the University of Belem do Pará and Federal University of Bahia, where he is currently full professor of Journalism. Creator, along with professor Elias Machado, of the Grupo de Jornalismo Online (Online Journalism Group), probably one of the best one on this subject all over the world, with a constant research and bibliographic production from 1995 onwards, he has been the orientator of a great number of doctoral thesis which can be consulted in the website of the GJOL. One of the latest ones is Suzana Barbosa’s Jornalismo digital em base de dados [Database Online Journalism], awarded as the best doctoral thesis of this year. Dr. Suzana Barbosa has recently completed a postdoctoral stay at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), working within the Novos Medios Group, and is a recent member of the teaching staff of the Fluminense University of Rio de Janeiro.

Professor Palacios is the coordinator of a research network Brazil-Spain, currently doing a comparative research of Brazilian and Spanish cybermedia. The network has completed a couple of methodological volumes on cyberjournalism that will be published this year.

SBPJor is the major Association of Research of Journalism in Brazil. It organizes a congress a year, and published a journal in English, Brazilian Journalism Research. In its last issue some articles and book’s reviews on cyberjournalism (including one on professor Palacios’ last book on the subject) can be found.