Narratology and videogames

October 16, 2008

A new book has been published in Catalonia about narratology and videogames, edited by professor Carlos Scolari, University of Vic. The title is L’homo videoludens. Videojocs, textualitat i narrativa interactiva [Homo videoludens. Videogames, textuality an interactive narrative] The book asks for the definitive constitution of videogame as a research object, from the point of view of narratology and semiotics.

The volume offers ten chapters (plus Scolari’s introduction), written in Catalan and Spanish. It has also a chapter in English, Henry Lowood’s “Reply culture. Performarmance and spectatorship in gameplay”. Interfaces, chronologies, strategies of network games, interactivity are analyzed along the pages of the book

Complete book reference:

Scolari, Carlos (ed.). L’homo videoludens. Videojocs, textualitat i narrativa interactiva. Vic: EUMO, 2008.