Blogs and journalists: a survey

October 16, 2008

Paul Bradshaw’s Online Journalism Blog publishes the third part of “Blogging Journalists“, a survey on how blogging is changing journalism. “The networked, iterative and conversational nature of the blog format is changing how many journalists work in a number of ways”, says this study’s author.

The first part wan on context and methodology, the second one on how blogs affected journalists generate story ideas. The third part investigates in which way blogs have affected story researching.

As a result of the third part of the survey, Bradshaw conclude that “the nature of the relationship appears to be different, in that it is a two-way, ongoing process.” Sometimes, “this collaboration becomes a form of crowdsourcing”. Most journalists, according to the survey, find it easier to find sources who don’t come from a government agency or professional association”, but on the other hand “the pressure to publish meant more reliance on rumours, and less rigorous research” so the readers have “to clarify and fact-check.”

A fourth part of the survey is forthcoming, and it will deal on how blogging affects information gathering for a story.

Paul Bradshaw is Senior Lecturer in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University’s (UK) School of Media.