Etnography and Cyberjournalism: A recent book

October 16, 2008

More on etnography as a research method in cyberjournalism. Dr. Pere Masip (Ramon Llull University, Barcelona) has published a book in which the best parts of his doctoral thesis, defended in 2006. The title of the book is Internet a les redaccions: informació diària i rutines periodístiques [Internet inside the newsrooms: daily information and journalistic routines].   

Dr. Masip’s work analyses the introduction of the Internet technologies in some Catalan newsrooms.  Form and contents are conditioned by the avaliability of some technical tools, in Dr. Masip’s opinion, in every step of the journalistic work: gathering, production and distribution -maybe, the very essence of journalism is changing. Internet is not only a tool for journalists, it is a very important news source. The book analyses, thus, to which extent Internet has changes everyday job in Catalan newsrooms.

Pere Masip (Barcelona, 1968) is doctor in Journalism (Ramon Llull University), graduate in Geography and History, graduate in Biblioteconomy and Documentation (University of Barcelona). Currently teaches at the Blanquerna Faculty of Communication, Ramon Llull University. Member of a research group on convergence in Spain.

Complete book reference:

Masip, Pere. Internet a les redaccions: informació diària i rutines periodístiques. Barcelona: Trípodos; Blanquerna, 2008.